Contusion of the Brain

Contusion of the Brain

Ashley Davidoff MD

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A contusion is a microhemorrhage of brain parenchyma caused by a traumatic event resulting in a small vessel leak into the brain tissue.  It is an associated finding in 25-30% of brain injury.

Structurally contusions with limited extent usually heal with no functional or clinical consequence.  Although  individually small, multiple contusions may occur in trauma, and the compound effect could result in associated edema and brain swelling.  This scenario could be complicated by  dreaded  herniation and even death.

Clinically when a patient presents with head injury, diagnosis by imaging, usually with CT, will reveal high density small foci in the brain parenchyma.

Treatment is symptomatic, but if overall swelling of the brain occurs steroids are used to reduce brain swelling and even craniotomy to reduce intracranial pressure.


18183 brain contusion CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Uploaded RP

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