Growth and Aging

Growth and Aging

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Born with a big brain disproportionate

Born with almost complete complement of neurons

Insulation not finished requires myelin maturation. At birth it is estimated that the human brain weighs approximately 400g. During the first few years of life, the brain increases in size to about 3 times its birth weight as a result of myelination, and the growth of neuronal processes. The brain continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate, up until the age of 18. The brain’s weight begins to decline at the age of 50-55.

Normal Elderly Brain and NPH

72179c01 brain 70 year olds cerebrum involution dilated lateral ventricles hydrocephalus a= normal b= NPH normal pressure hydrocephalus CTscan Davidoff MD

92 year old brain

75932c01 92 year old male with a headache brain periventricular lucency microangiopathic disease age related involution atrophy prominent temporal horns time aging elderly CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

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