Classsifications of the Brain

Classsifications of the Brain

Ashley Davidoff Md

The Common Vein Copyright 2010


The brain is a complex organ from many aspects including evolutionary, embryological, structural and functional aspects.  This module uses the simple classification of forebrain midbrain and hindbrain as a starting point to understand the anatomy.

However because The Common Vein is built in a modular format, with each document written to stand on its own as a digital packet of information,  the information can be reorganized and and reformatted so that it can be viewed from different perspectives.  This method does result in repetition and redundancy but enables manipulability which in the end as Nietzsche aptly expounds, brings us to the truth as we approach a subject from multipe perspectives.

 In this section we therefore explore other classifications on a more superficial level including the division of the brain into supratentotial and infratentorial structures, the evolutionary/embryological classification with all the Latin (difficult to remember) words, division into gray and white matter, and finally the gyri and sulci.

This module is still at foundation level and more complex classifications such as functional classifications exist and are evolving but at this stage are too complex to include.

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