The Brain From All Angles

The Brain From All Angles

Mian, A.1·Davidoff, A.2·Norbash, A.1

Approaches Method

To utilize a web-based method with an arborizing approach to understanding the multidisciplinary integrative nature of Neuroradiology


Neuroradiology, as the center of a multidisciplinary web of knowledge, is in need of a self-directed teaching tool which incorporates self-navigated strings and subtopics such as neuroanatomic structure, neurophysiologic function, neuropathologic disease, neurologic diagnosis, historical perspectives, and treatment branching out from an entry portal, and permitting interconnected searching between the branches. This permits the learner to follow increasingly detailed descriptions of complex topics at their own pace. Such an approach facilitates a shared comprehension of the clinical questions and neurosurgical implications by both the non-imaging clinicians and by the neuroradiologist.


A successful and robust web-based teaching tool including over a thousand images has been created which addresses the need for integrative self-directed learning of the neurological sciences. The infrastructure is organized around basic principles which progressively advance to more detailed complexity.

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