Technique Method

Technique Method

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1. Spin density MRI : A magnetic resonance image where the contrast is predominantly dependent on spin density.

2. Diffusion MRI : uses water as contrast .

3. Magnetization Transfer MRI: refers to the transfer of longitudinal magnetization from the hydrogen nuclei of water that have restricted motion ( macromolecules – protein /lipids) to the hydrogen nuclei of water that moves (cytosol) with many degrees of freedom.

4. Fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) – Is an inversion recovery protocol with long TI to remove the effects of fluid from the resulting images.

5. Functional MRI – based on changes in blood flow secondary to neural activity

6. Real-time MRI – quick

7. Magnetic resonance angiography- useful to visualize the vasculature using gadolinum contrast .

8. Magnetic resonance gated intracranial CSF dynamics (MR-GILD) – analyze CSF circulatory system dynamics Magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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